An asterisk – a worldwide symbol of the “second bottom” in documents and regulations takes entirely different meaning in a new marketing campaign of Idea Bank in Poland.
The new Idea Bank’s marketing campaign has on purpose to disenchant this symbol, showing that opening an account with Idea Bank entails a lot of benefits, which are written in fine print.

During the period from April to June 2017 over 190 advertising billboards, city lights, advertisements on buses and trams will appear in two cities – Poznan and Wroclaw.
Through this campaign, the Bank wants to point out that the current account in Idea Bank is not just a banking account. It is also additional benefits which customers do not always realize, such as free access to the conference room in Idea Hub’s coworking space, Mobile ATM ordered via a mobile application, etc. The campaign is intended to show that an asterisk does not always mean constraints but can also mean benefits for the customer
Also, wide activities in the Internet and social media will be conducted.
Idea Bank decided to organize such local marketing activities in two cities because of the development of Idea Bank’s network of Hubs and a fleet of Mobile ATMs all around Poland.

Campaign concept – Hand Made agency, media presence by MediaCom and Value Media.


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