TBC Bank in Georgia announced the launch of brand new innovative services and products for business. Corporate clients will now have the chance to register and open their accounts remotely, without actually having to go into a TBC Bank office branch.

Opening a bank account online and registering as a TBC Bank client is an innovative service that can be done in just a few minutes and has no analogue in the region, according to Nika Kurdiani, TBC Bank’s Deputy CEO. Corporate clients merely have to file an application on www.tbcbank.com.ge through an online dialogue, a five minute process with only a few questions.

After opening an account, the clients are then automatically registered for internet banking service and SMS service. Business cards can also be ordered, if the client wishes.

The project is implemented in collaboration with the National Bank of Georgia and the National Agency of Public Registry. In yet another novelty, TBC Bank is offering corporate clientele the chance to be able to open accounts remotely by phone, and the necessary documents will be delivered to the clients by TBC Bank couriers in electro cars.

“The TBC Business service (micro, medium, standard and start-ups) will offer innovative solutions and products to the market every six months. Today, we’re doing it for the first time by introducing our new formats, and we hope to do so again in the autumn,” Kurdiani stated at the event, which was attended by the business sector, government officials and media representatives.

“Our main goal is to be the best digital finance company not only in Georgia but in the whole region. It’s a global objective and, together with our partners, we will offer many interesting new services and products to the Georgian business sector,” said Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, CEO, TBC Bank. “More than 24% of TBC Bank’s clients use our mobile banking services, making up more than 37% of internet and mobile banking users overall. In the first quarter of 2017, transactions in our branches, of which we have more than 160, were made through mobile banking, while even more were made through our internet banking services. This means that in the 21st century, we’re moving fast towards offering a maximum number of innovative products within the capability of the latest technologies,” he added.

“We will have the best, top quality technological products to offer Georgian businesses, something which will prove extremely helpful for both established and beginning businesses. It will be open and transparent, which I think is crucial for their success, as well as being a significant example of public-private partnership,” Butskhrikidze noted as he thanked the Revenue Service of Georgia, Agency of Public Registry, and the National Bank of Georgia.

The innovative services presented are made in collaboration with Leavingstone digital creative agency, a Georgian start-up that transformed into one of the leading companies on the market.

“When we first started to work on this project, I remembered myself, 10 years ago with no success story behind, starting a new business with several of my friends, and how we came to TBC, and they believed in us and helped us to be where we are now, with 115 employees and eight departments, from digital marketing to program solutions,” Vakho Vakhtangishvili, Leavingstone CEO said, emphasizing that the new service will be extremely helpful for start-ups, giving them access to valuable information and resources, important tools for market research – and something he didn’t have when he started.

Nika Kurdiani went on to present the updated TBC Business webpage. Functioning since 2013 and offering practical instruments and information for those operating in the business sphere, it has more than a million unique users and will now have a whole new direction, packed with relevant articles and video content on the news and tendencies in business and economy both in Georgia and abroad.

One of the new innovations added to www.tbcbusiness.ge is an interactive map, a project implemented by TBC in partnership with the State Revenue Service of Georgia, that enables interested clients to research existing business spheres through a specially created informative program, enabling both established and start-up businesses to see what’s going on in different industries according to selected geographical locations. In addition, it is now possible for a company to compare its own revenues, expenditures, budget, income and number of employees, to other existing ones in the sphere, both locally and on the territory of Georgia. The resources available can be used by all interested parties, including students, researchers and business analysts.

The updated www.tbcbusiness.ge will continue to offer practical and educational resources for emerging businesses – from making business plans, budgeting, financial management, human resource management, drafting agreements, marketing, sales and more.

“We want our updated web portal to become a hub with constantly renewed and updated information; a hub for better analyses and business research,” Kurdiani said.

“TBC Bank has presented yet another innovative solution. This is information being given in a clear and concise manner, helping businesses to make the right decisions, and the right decisions are a ground to further success,” said Dimitry Kumsishvili, Vice Premier, Minister of Finance of Georgia.

“For us, innovation means saving time for our clients. We’re aiming at creating maximum comfort for them. The goal of TBC Bank is to be the best partner for businesses,” Kurdiani concluded.

Text: Nino Gugunishvili, Georgia Today

Photo: SME Banking Club