Idea Bank, a specialized bank for SMEs in Poland, which is known for its creative ideas for SME customers, such as mobile ATM or coworking branch called Idea Hub, launches another project without precedent. Idea Hub Express train car has just appeared on the selected PKP Intercity trains, which is the first banking branch on the tracks and at the same time, the first coworking space for travelers.
The first mobile coworking space will make easier for travelers to work on the following routes: Warsaw-Poznan-Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland-Krakow-Warsaw, and Warsaw-Wroclaw-Warsaw. To the selected PKP Intercity trains on the lines above a particular Idea Hub Express train car will be added. The train car was designed for office work, is equipped with a table, comfortable chairs, and a screen to display presentations. Travelers also have in their disposal office equipment (printer, scanner), phone chargers and the necessary links, as well as a coffee machine and every day fresh newspapers.

Traveling is an integral part of running a business. Entrepreneurs meet with customers and partners, explore new markets. Small businesses can grow over time, the subsidiaries in the new towns are raised – says Małgorzata Szturmowicz, Member of the Board at Idea Bank. – As we always try to be in the places, where the entrepreneurs are, from today, we will accompany them also in their trips. Thanks to the cooperation with PKP Intercity, we created the first mobile office – Idea Hub Express, giving passengers the ability to make better use of the time spent in travel – she adds.
Any passenger holding a valid ticket for the train can use Idea Hub Express, but Idea Bank’s customers have priority in occupying places. The Bank is counting on that the Idea Hub Express will provide an opportunity to attract new customers by offering them the chance to travel by free vouchers, which can be obtained at Idea Hub branches in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw.
The survey carried out by Idea Bank shows that up to 61% of small businesses operates in the area bigger than one province. Most of the owners, 82% precisely, said that the trips are an integral part of running a business. Up to 57% of entrepreneurs doing business in the area bigger than one province, travels more than 10 hours per week. Business travel is a time-consuming thing. Every fifth entrepreneur acknowledges that he spends traveling over 30 hours per week. Taking into account GUS data of the number of hours spent by self-employed persons in the office on average (42.3 h), small business owner spends on travel on average 2 days a week. While traveling, one spends time mainly by working on the computer and phone calls. The study was conducted in the days of April 4-7 on a sample of 328 self-employed entrepreneurs in the form of the phone interview.
In April Idea Hub Express will follow the route from Warsaw to Poznan, in May – from Warsaw to Krakow, and in June – from Warsaw to Wrocław, leaving Warsaw in the morning and returning to the capital in the evening.

Idea Bank now has 8 Idea Hub branches in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Poznan. In summer, Summer Hub, located in Warsaw on the banks of the Vistula River, is operating additionally. Idea Hubs are not only a place for entrepreneurs to work, but also a place for meeting with customers, business workshops, presentations, and even summer cinema. Innovative bank branches have their Facebook pages, which has nearly 20,000 followers.
Idea Bank is developing Idea Hubs’ project since 2015, and since then 30 thousand customers have visited these coworking branches. The project was awarded in many prestigious competitions in Poland and abroad, among them Edison Awards, Stevie Awards, and Efma Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards.

Source:, @KasiaSiwek

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