Dedicated website and printed Magazine

  • SBB News: regional banking news, articles and interviews related to SME segment
  • SBB Magazine: articles, interviews, and publications dedicated to the SME segment development in the world
  • Innovations: publications of financial innovations for SME customers. Which allows SME bankers to find interesting and practical ideas from all over the world, monitor competitors and stay abreast of the times
  • Marketing: we consolidate various marketing materials (brochures, TV ads, banners, emails) – everything we find is saved, scanned and stored. Which allows marketing managers to compare existing marketing campaigns and find ideas for new ones.

Annual Studies: global and regional studies on SME products

Annual Reports: global and regional Reports on SME Banking regional markets

We host annual conferences in three regions:
• Central and Eastern Europe
• CIS countries
• Southern Caucasus and Central Asia

4 reasons to become a member

  • All inclusive. You will receive comprehensive support in all key areas (reports, events, recommendations and networking, news and information), necessary for the development of SME segment.
  • Professional. All information and advice are provided by experts with banking experience at managerial positions in various areas (sales, product, marketing, risk management), a stipulation which is confirmed by the recommendations of banks’ top managers (available on LinkedIn profiles).
  • Unique. You get access to detailed analytical reports on markets, annual studies; access to the information that is not available anywhere else on the market.
  • Profitable. It costs you € 8 per day. Also, you can save up to 50% on additional services of SME Banking Club.

We facilitate your daily work by providing a comprehensive, structured support for the development of your business.