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Banks are opening coworking branches

Banks are opening coworking branches for their SME customers. Let’s see them:


Idea Hub by Idea Bank

The first Idea Hub was launched in Warsaw 2015. Now it counts 6 hubs in Warsaw, Cracow, Lodz and Katowice.
These branches fit micro customers’ needs as mainly they don’t have their own offices and work from their homes or coffee shops. The main part of hub’s space is set for entrepreneurs’ use with co-working area and conference rooms. The main office facilities are available: Wi-fi, printers and scanners. And even more – customers can watch TV, read the economic press and get free coffee. Additionally, Idea Bank hosts different workshops and trainings for entrepreneurs in Idea Hubs with guest speakers to let micros get new knowledge and business skills.


mBank cooperates with the network of coworking spaces Business Link and offers to its customers free of charge 6 months pass to Business Link coworking places in #Poland within the Package “Current account with office”.
Project launched in 2016.


Tangerine Café by Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Cafes (rebranded from ING Direct of #Canada) opened its first ING DIRECT cafe in 1997 in Toronto.
Now Bank counts 5 cafés in 4 main Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver
Free WiFi and coffee are available for all visitors.

Café associates are always happy to help with Bank’s product but they don’t have access to customers’ files. So customers can access Tangerine accounts online using one of the computers or iPads at the Café and can start an account by using Sign Me Up app.

Tangerine Cafes don’t accept or carry cash. Customers can use the ABMs for deposits or cash withdrawals.


The Village by NAB

Coworking space for (National Australia Bank) business customer and community partners to connect, work and learn. The Village was launched in February 2014 in Melbourne. It was designed and implemented by Woods Bagot.

It’s a professional space covering 500m2 where NAB business customers and community partners can connect with clients, work, meet and learn from leaders. An integral part of The Village is the opportunity to access the experience, knowledge and talent of community members and business specialists.

All members have access to free Wi-Fi and can book the space they prefer – private to open – depending on task or purpose.

St. George Bank

St. George Bank offers its Business Hubs free of charge for all small or medium sized companies.

The first hub was launched in 2013, the second one in 2015.

There are two hubs in #Australia: Chatswood Business Hub and The Perth Business Hub.

The following range of facilities are included:

  • computers
  • printers
  • phones
  • video and teleconferencing facilities
  • Wifi
  • photocopying / scanning machines
  • lounge area
  • communal kitchen

The bank is also in talks with Regus – another business hubs’ network provider for giving bank customers access to Regus spaces.


Barclays Eagle Labs

Three Labs were launched in 2016 in 3 cities: Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge. Supporting local businesses, students, makers, entrepreneurs and community groups.

Barclays Eagle Labs provide access to resources including expert mentoring, 3D printers, laser cutters, and an events space – giving the ’s start-up community a crucial boost.

The Eagle Lab, Maker Spaces and Incubators, specifically designed around the needs of local businesses and tailored to suit regional economic strength in specific industries. In particular.

  • Eagle Lab – Maker Spaces will include access to 3D printers and laser cutters. This means businesses will have access to the tools they need to rapidly produce and test prototypes without having to import from overseas, and can significantly reduce the time and cost taken from concept to market. The new Maker Spaces will also be available for community events, digital Tea & Teach, and LifeSkills sessions.
  • Barclays Eagle Lab – Incubators will specifically target high-growth firms and entrepreneurs who are projecting 20% growth or more, and will benefit from collaborating with other like-minded business, and mentoring from Barclays industry experts.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Launched one coworking space in Edinburgh – Desk Union at the Square. It’s a pioneering space, opened in 2015 on the first floor of Royal Bank of Scotland flagman branch. Bank’s business customers have free of charge access.


Atelier by KBC bank

The Atelier launched in 2014. BelCham (the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce) and KBC bank opened NYC-based incubator for Belgian entrepreneurs, start-ups and mid-caps to help them foster the growth and development of qualifying Belgian companies in the USA. Coworkers range from family offices to Angel investors; VC’s and various selected members that focus on entrepreneurial projects.

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