Anders Nordkvist, CEO at Asteria, during Elevator Lab Final 2017

Asteria delivers smart cash flow forecasting to help small businesses keep track of invoices.
Asteria was selected among 340 companies to join Raiffeisen Bank International accelerator program – Elevator Lab – in Austria last year. And it seems to be the only presented solution applicable to SME Banking and SME customers.

With Artificial Intelligence and big data, Asteria analyses payment patterns and can suggest improvements to get better cash flow. Asteria’s software is integrated into the customer’s and bank’s software. Customers get automated cash flow forecasts and receive an alert when there is a cash flow gap and a suggestion to solve it with their bank. Customers get continuous feedback on how to optimize receivables, cash positions and credits and see how it affects their future cash flow. Asteria visualizes the most important parts of their customer’s business software data to help make more data-driven decisions. Through the software, businesses can increase earnings, cut costs and stay one step ahead of their competition.

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